Never fear, new pages are in the works! In the mean time here’s a more comprehensive history of the Darkmoon Empire for you to mull over:

History of the Darkmoon Empire.

Planet Protoconia.

A naturally occurring technologic planet. All life seems to stem from a silicone based protein. Distinctions between plants and animals are at times vague, especially during the early stages of life. Life evolved from strange pools of electrically charged liquid. The planet went through many ages, and stages of life, a sapient tree dwelling creature evolved only to be wiped out by cataclysm. The next era saw the rise of a small creature with black forelimbs, a black upper body, green lower body, gray face, and a pink shield over its eyes. It was more successful than its relatives because of a fatty reserve on the back of its heads. This evolved into the modern Protoconian.

10,000 years ago.

The first civilization is formed, it starts as a series of isolated farms that grow together forming a common market in the center, this then evolves into the first village, then town, then city. Technology evolves to animal drawn carts and simple machines before topping off, most tools are made of copper. Tragically, this society only lasts 500 years and collapses due to insufficient resources. The oldest artifacts and remains date back to this era.

8000 years ago.

Many different civilizations now exist across the globe taking on a staggering variety of forms. Most are warring city-states, but a few kingdoms begin to rise. Technology finally matches the first civilization and surpasses it with the invention of motors.

5000 years ago.

Technology begins to advance exponentially: harvesting the power of the atom, computers, artificial intelligence, have all become reality. The Moon Kingdom, so named by being the first civilization to reach the closer of the two moons, dominates the planet’s industry and economy in the latter half of the millennium. A rapid expansion of empires fuels a century of war.

4000 years ago.

As the new millennium dawns, a civil war rocks the Moon Kingdom. Named by the media, the new “Dark Moon” faction lead by a former soldier named Lohsan, vows to overthrow the king. Decades of war pass and the now older and more bitter Lohsan finally takes the throne for himself, officially naming his new kingdom The Darkmoon Kingdom, and christening himself “DarkLohs”. When other countries object and try and reinstate the former king, DarkLohs takes their lands and ads it to his own. Upon his death he had taken most of his continent.

Generations pass, technology continues to grow. Building off the legacy of his forerunners -King DarkSan, Queen Darkthis, and King Darkten- King Darklon is crowned as a young man, already having a thirst for power. Upon conquering his continent, and all the surrounding islands, he renames his Kingdom an Empire and declares war on the rest of the planet all at once. In only twenty years Darklon had taken the planet for himself. The Darkmoon Empire dominating the globe. But even this was not enough. He stakes claims on both moons, and the neighboring planets. Soon they were exploring neighboring worlds and planting flags. Then they found The Skth.

Skth was a desert world populated by reptilian aliens. The Skth put up quite the fight, outsmarting and maneuvering the Drone troopers, and outlasting the Protoconian warriors. The Skth, it would seem, were built for war. At minimum they only need to sleep a few hours a week, and only have to eat and drink once a month. Their entire civilization was based around warfare. Finally, Skth was taken. Instead of destroying The Skth as many of his advisors begged him to do, Darklon added them to his forces, announcing that they were now unstoppable. Emperor Darklon died of old age never having fought a war again in his life.

His daughter Darkrihn halted galactic expansion, and only sought out new worlds for resources and new colonies. It was her goal to stabilize the economy and maintain the empire without the constant need for war. Her goals worked out, even her great grand children managed to keep the empire.

Emperor Darkghal was far more interested in exploration than politics, and began to build massive spacefaring vessels to chart the universe. He died on the maiden voyage of the Darkmahl, when it suddenly exploded. Having no heir, his wife became Empress Darksath and, years later, remarried and had six children, making these the first of the royal lineage not actually related to Darklon.

2000 years ago.

During a massive financial crash brought about by mismanaging public funds by Emperor Darkbahk, Empress Darkha’l began expanding the empire again to quickly find new resources. This is when the Manekineko were discovered. At the time they were a seemingly primitive race, toiling in fields, using simple ground based transport. (Edo period Japan-like) But just underneath the surface they were very advanced. E.g. The simple wheeled vehicles and ships were using small cold fusion drives. Long ago their former Emperor had decreed that Manekinek had reached the hight of harmony and beauty, and so no cosmetic changes could be made outwardly, but the interiors of buildings and machines could be very advanced. When the Manekineko contacted the Darkmoon ship it was a great surprise. The Manekinek had a strange duality in philosophy, they were extremely peaceful, but armed to the teeth. “Live in harmony, but be prepared to defend it.”

After many good encounters with Manekinek it joined the Darkmoon of its own free will. Adding fresh views and wealth to the empire, no to mention a new view on warfare.

1000 years ago.

A faction of colonies on the far side of the empire felt marginalized and underfunded, and declared independence from the Empire. Empress Darkfath spent most of her career fighting a civil war to take them back. She was victorious and personally killed the separatist leader, Kornak. Darkfath then moved the capitol from Protoconia to a more centrally located planet she named after the fist Emperor, her ancestor (though not really, see above), Darklon. It took 200 years to finally finish construction of the planet-sized city.

100 years ago.

Emperor Darktahr declared that trees were people and appointed several to Parliament. Darktahr was forced to abdicate and his younger sister, Empress Darktole, took power. Instead of removing the trees she shut down Parliament for ten years as she restructured the entire thing, creating a system where each planet and colony were given equal say, placing Skth, and Manekinek, in positions of high power. Darktole was very popular.

30 years ago.

Young Empress Darkmahn takes the throne after her brother, Emperor Darktholl’s suicide. She relied on her advisors for most decisions and, predictably, the advisors began to take advantage of her naiveté and gave her self serving advice which she blindly followed.

As a teenager she ignored her duties of state, leaving that to the advisors, and instead focused on having fun. When the Sakana were discovered she made a series of blunders leading the the Sakana declaring war.

The Sakana were a tribal people using wooden catamarans to island hop on their mostly aquatic planet. Before even discovering the wheel they managed to become a spacefaring people, building massive catamaran ships. Darkmahn simply assumed they would be easy to defeat based on the Darkmoon’s more advanced technology and past history of galactic conquest. But never underestimate a people who would willingly go into battle in wooden spaceships.

20 years ago.

Darkmahn married Imperial Prince Yothkar, after firing all her advisors. Yothkar had been a friend for years, and the nicest person she knew. He helped her get on the right side of the people, and hire new advisors, including a front lines general named Gvanus. Despite the Darkmoon’s superior numbers and weapons, the Sakana were constantly gaining ground. One of the major problems was that the Sakana ships were nearly impossible to track as they seemed to be using an unknown type of power.

16 years ago.

Empress Darkmahn and Prince Yothkar were visiting worlds near the front line to raise moral and help the war effort, when a squadron of Sakana Raiders attacked their encampment, killing the prince and injuring the Empress. Darkmahn lost her right arm. During her medical examination she found out she was pregnant. She had her arm replaced with a specially designed mechanical one. She returned to Darklon to recuperate.

15 yeas ago.

The birth of Princess Skelatole brought joy to the capitol planet and many flocked to catch a glimpse of her. The the jubilation was short lived as the Sakana forces descended on the planet. Gvanus and a loyal pilot prepared to take the Empress into hiding, but Darkmahn refused to leave, instead allowing them to take infant Skelatole. The Imperial palace was razed to the ground, but Darkmahn had gone into hiding in the sewers with her guards and a squadron of soldiers.

14 years ago.

Using Guerrilla tactics Empress Darkmahn literally led her troops into battle and managed to retake her capitol, and all of Darklon once she had access to her ships.

10 years ago.

Finally having defeated the Sakana, all were expecting the aliens to be punished. Instead Darkmahn apologized to them for how she dealt with them in her arrogant youth. The Sakana were confused to say the least. She offered them to join the empire if they so wished, and left their world independent. This is a divisive decision politically, but Darkmahn ignores all the criticism and focuses on rebuilding her empire.

9 years ago.

The Sakana, impressed with Darkmahn’s actions and fighting abilities, join the Darkmoon Empire. Many citizens on both sides are angered, and many colonies refuse immigration from Sakana, but Darkmahn puts her foot down, allowing Sakana soldiers into the ranks, and giving them citizenship wherever they choose to stay.

1 year ago.

The capitol is finally finished rebuilding, the colonies are recovering and thriving. The Sakana are starting to be accepted by the people. Not a day goes by that Darkmahn does not think about her lost family. She knows her daughter is in good hands, but she wishes more than anything to meet her even just once. A group of Sakakna traders present the Empress with a mysterious robot found in a derelict ship out in deep space. She has the robot repaired and took him on as a personal servant. It claims its name is Viral and was made as a soldier. She tests the limits of the robot’s primitive AI daily, finding it an amusing distraction.


The simple AI that Viral had, turned out to be a ruse. He has a sharp and cunning mind and had been plotting to overthrow the Empire since the day he’d been repaired. Viral had been secretly augmenting himself, when he was not needed, becoming a living computer virus, at a mere touch he could take control of any digital technology. Corrupting a significant part of the Drone army, Viral stole a warship and flew off into space. Darkmahn was glad to be rid of the thing, but worried about the remaining Drones becoming corrupted.

When Darkmahn received an encoded message from Viral wanting to meet at the edge of imperial space, Darkmahn at first refused, but finally decided to meet him. Her plan was to see what he wanted, then destroy his entire ship. But Viral had returned with Darkmahn’s daughter, Skelatole in his custody. There was nothing Darkmahn could do.

In a matter of days Viral managed to take control of the Empire’s flagship and the entire planet of Darklon.

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