You may or may not be aware, but a while back I did a quick gag comic based off a text book title. Apparently.

A Panda Eats Shoots and Leaves by *Transypoo on deviantART
And the thought of an entire series about Transformers where everyone turns into pandas seemed, well, really funny. I was planing on doing a drawing that would look like box art or a comic cover, but I lost interest, but not before I had designed a bunch. So, I took the sketches and colored them up:

Optimus Panda by *Transypoo on deviantART

Pandahide by *Transypoo on deviantART

Bumble Panda by *Transypoo on deviantART

Panda Claw by *Transypoo on deviantART

Pandastator by *Transypoo on deviantART

And well, I thought they were funny. Plus I said I was going to try and use my blog more, and what’s there better to blog about than art? I think… Hey! It’s a new concept for me, don’t gimme that ‘the old man’s gone nutty’ look! I can see you! I know where you live! Git off my lawn, consarnit!