Ten years can you believe it? I know I haven’t always updated every week, and I took that year off. But still! In honor of the occasion, I made this comic.

But lemme share some tidbits about the comic. Originally this style was based on the Extra comics in the back of Manga. It was about me and my favorite character Transmutate. (His origins are complex.) Before going online they were simple one page joke (using that word loosely here) comics that, mostly, all started with Acey talking to the audience and Mutate mucking up the works. Plus a lot of them guest stared friends’ characters and sometimes characters from other media.

The name “Transypoo” came from someone online actually. Taking Transmutate to Transy, then Transy-poo, then I started writing it “Transypoo” and applied it to this form of the character.

The character of Acey is based off of me at the time of his creation,  and was more of a mouth piece, but because of the comic he changed quite a lot (or was it me who changed?) and now he feels much more like a distinct entity.

Amy actually spawned out of The Sims, believe it or not. The Sims: Unleashed, I think. I made a character played the house until everything went horribly wrong, as it usually did. (I never really got the hang of Sims 1) But for some reason I really liked Amy and started writing her into the pre-online comics. But decided to go back to the comic’s roots once it was online. Still she wormed her way in, didn’t she?

Bob actually was created in comic as a one off joke never to be seen again. But darnit Bob was awesome and I had to keep her. And her being gay was on accident because after writing a joke about her liking the dog on Lost, as you saw, I found out that same dog was female. This was one of them Happy Accidents, Bob Ross was always talking about.

Jo was created to help get me out of the corner I had written myself into. Her original design was the Transypoo form of one of my cousin’s characters that I recycled. The actual character didn’t really look like that so it was fine. She evolved into her own anyhow.

Skel was actually Transmutate’s girlfriend from waaaay back before Transypoo was even a thing. And yes, she did appear in the old comics, but you would never recognize her. Just between the comic starting and her final introduction she went through several major overhauls. Now I can’t imagine her any different.

That’s all for now, what are some of your favorite moments/memories? How did you come across the series?

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