Hello true believers! (wait, when did I become Stan Lee?) I decided to start a Patreon account.

“But wait, what’s that?” You ask. And if you didn’t I just made you!

“Well,” I say in a condescending tone, “it’s similar to Kickstarter, but the money you pledge is sent to me every time I post new content. Understand?”

“Yes,” you say, “I think so. But I’m worried it will eat all my money if you suddenly go mad with power and post a hundred pages in a day!”

“Tut, tut,” I say, “it’s like you hardly know me. It’s a weekly webcomic and besides
you can put an upper limit as to how much you wish to spend.”

“Ah, I see.”


“But what if you never finish the comic?”

“I’M GETTING TO IT! Jeez! It’s not like I MEAN to take these long breaks! I can’t help it! Besides, having an income from this thing I do for free will motivate me to make more!”

“That brings up another concern”, you add, “will this comic I enjoy for free suddenly be a pay site? Like that one webcomic, you know the one.”

“No, no, the comic will go on as usual, this is just… if you want to help give me a monetary boost.”

“Oh. Alright.”