And we’re back! Wow, it’s been waaaay too long! Lemme tell you a story: Back when I started this space story, I wrote out a full Marvel-style script. Page and panel breakdowns the full works. But as I was writing the dialogue and laying out the pages I started to notice a repetitive cycle, that was basically “filling time”, where the hero would be captured, then escape, then captured, etc. Some of that made it into the comic. I ended up stopping because I wasn’t happy with there the story was going. (Viral got super dumb suddenly just because it was time for the heroes to win.) SO I re wrote the ending, and kept going. Few more pages in, I was seeing the same cycle and I stopped again to rework the ending. But I couldn’t find where to go how to do it. Then one day, I jotted down a weird little idea for how to continue, but it didn’t fit into what was happening. So I kept waiting for the proper ending to show itself. Well, it never did, and I realized, I ad libbed most of this series anyway, so why not the ending to this story. So that’s what I’m gunna do. I’m going off that weird idea and seeing where it takes us!